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Personal Narrative Essay Rubric

Personal Narrative Essay -

All students in grades 7 and 8 will be given their own rubrics and prompts. If they lose either of these documents, please have them print what they need from this web page.

Each bullet is worth 4 points each.


  • Introduction grabs the reader's attention
  • Details in the introduction set the scene
  • First-person point of view is consistent throughout the essay
  • Events are in chronological order
  • Transitional words are used linking events and strengthening coherence
  • Descriptive details elaborate upon each event, making people, places, and events seem real
  • Precise words communicate specific ideas or create images in the reader's mind
  • Writer's thoughts and feelings are included.
  • Conclusion states why the experience is meaningful


  • Standard English spelling, punctuation,  and capitalization, are used throughout the essay
  • Standard English grammar and sentence structure are used throughout the essay


Failure to do what is listed below will result in the loss of 5 points from your essay grade. Making sure that you complete your essay as stated below will give you 5 points toward your essay grade.

Your essay must : (The items below are worth a total of 5 points.)

Be double spaced

Have the  rubric stapled  to your essay

Be approximately 550-750 words in length

Be typed legibly in 12-14 point font, no larger

Be in black ink