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Persuasive Essay Rubric

 Persuasive Essay Rubric:  Mrs. James 7th/8th Grade English

Student's First and Last Name ________________________________________

Length: 2-3 pages

Neatness-  ________ 5
The essay is typed in no larger than 12 point font and in black ink.

Font: Times Roman or Comic Sans
The rubric is stapled to the front of the essay
The essay is doubled spaced

Mechanics- __________ 15

Correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and sentence structure are used throughout the essay. There are few, if any errors in the essay.

Thesis Statement-  __________ 10

The thesis statement (controlling idea of the essay) is well developed, and presents the writer’s issue and point of view clearly in the introduction of the essay.

Reasons- __________ 10

A minimum of three reasons are given for the thesis
The reasons are perfectly clear and in order of importance

Evidence-  __________ 15

Each reason is supported by statistics, facts, and or expert opinions and reflects a consistent point of view

Body-  __________ 20

Elaborates in detail upon the reasons and the evidence
Uses appropriate language (No slang or informal language)

Counterarguments- __________ 10

Potential arguments are clearly anticipated and addressed

Transitional Words and Phrases-  __________ 5

Transitions are used well and make the relationship between ideas clear

Conclusion- __________ 10

Restates opinion, summarizes reasons, and includes a call to action if it applies

 Total Score__________________ = A      B      C      D      F