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Persuasive Essay Rubric

 Persuasive Essay Rubric:  Mrs. James Middle School English DUE: Thurs., March 26

Student's First and Last Name ________________________________________

Length: 2-3 pages

Neatness-  ________ 5
The essay is typed in no larger than 12 point font and in black ink.

Font: Times Roman or Comic Sans
The rubric is stapled to the front of the essay
The essay is doubled spaced

Mechanics- __________ 15

Correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and sentence structure are used throughout the essay. There are few, if any errors in the essay.

Thesis Statement-  __________ 10

The thesis statement (controlling idea of the essay) is well developed, and presents the writer’s issue and point of view clearly in the introduction of the essay.

Reasons and Evidence ________15

A minimum of three reasons are given for the thesis
The reasons are perfectly clear and in order of importance
Each reason is supported by statistics, facts, and or expert opinions and reflects a consistent point of view

Body-  __________ 20

Elaborates in detail upon the reasons and the evidence
Uses appropriate language (No slang or informal language)

Counterarguments- __________ 10

Potential arguments are clearly anticipated and addressed

Transitional Words and Phrases-  __________ 5

Transitions are used well and make the relationship between ideas clear

Conclusion- __________ 20

Restates opinion, summarizes reasons, and includes a call to action if it applies

 Total Score__________________ = A      B      C      D      F