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Sonnet Rubric

Sonnet Assignment Rubric: Mrs. James

Student's Name ______________________________________________________

The sonnet has the following components:

  • Three quatrains ______ 10 points
  • Ends in a couplet ______ 10 points
  • Each line is close to ten syllables ______ 10 points
  • Follows the assigned rhyme scheme (ABABCDCDEFEFGG)

______ 10 points


The sonnet has an appropriate theme that is clear to the reader. No specific boyfriend or girlfriend is used in your sonnet. If your sonnet is about love, keep it general, please.

____ 10 points


  • The sonnet is typed in blank ink and in an easy to read font.
  • The rubric is stapled to the assignment

__________ 20 points



The sonnet uses correct grammar and spelling ________ 30 points



TOTAL Points ______________________ Grade    A   B   C   D   F