What is 3rd grade up to?

Third grade is wrapping up one of our biggest social studies units "Ancient Rome'.  Tomorrow will be dedicated to Ancient Rome.  The Students will come dressed in togas, as soldiers, generals, gods or goddess' or any famous person from the time period.  We will be feasting as the Romans did along with having cake featured on ancient Rome.  The cake will be topped with the winner of our ancient Rome 'top the cake' contest.  The students drew pictures on ancient Rome based on what they learned the the winners picture gets printed on sugar paper and put on the top of the cake.  (3rd graders enjoy eating the winners picture).  Reading has been focused on our ancient Rome unit as core knowledge correlates it.  We also incorporated a play on the death of Julius Caesar.

In math we finished our multiplication and division unit and have moved on to fractions.  Right now we are focusing on the concept on what a fraction is, fractions on a number line and benchmark fractions.