What is 3rd grade up to?

3rd grade has started off to a great year and it gets better.  


This week we have started digging in to a great book Sarah, Plain and Tall.  This is historical fiction and describes what life could have been like for many pioneers during westward expansion.  students have been learning how to focus on before reading activities and define story elements such as characters, setting, plot, and theme.


Students are studying number sense, number patterns and rounding.  Using Singapore math has given students a better opportunity to understand and visualize the concepts behind math.  We will have even more opportunities to explore math concepts now that we have just received more manipulatives that the students can use.


Students have enjoyed learning about water and land through our classroom labs.  We do not let not having a science lab slow us down.  We have it right here in our classroom.  Through these last we have tested the densities of salt and fresh water. We laid dirt of our desks to take a close look at it with a magnifying glass and touch it to discover the different types of soil.  Not to mention the creatures we found in it.  Lots more fun to continue as we take a look at land forms, study volcano's and take adventures on field trips like chimney rock and Grandfather Mountain.