4th Grade are becoming Patriots!!!

4th grade is currently studying the events that led up to the american revolution.  Our students are beginning to realize how the war for independents grew out of quarrels between the colonies and their mother country - England.  So many times people hear american revolution and scream - Independence, Independent, Independence... Americans tend to have a sense of patriot pride but it started with the British pride. To really understand why we had the war for independence, one must realize the process of how the colonies got there.  Independence was not even a thought in the colonies minds before they started bickering with parliament about their rights and taxation.  This is what our 4th graders are realizing - the had to go back and realize that the colonist were not 'Americans'.  After the first bloodshed in the Boston Massacre, feelings toward England began to grow tense and and a sense of patriotism started growing in the colonies and has now spread to the 4th grade.